Sergio Tschenett // the boss

Sergio and his two brothers basically grew up between tyres and forks, in the bikeshop of his father. If Sergio isn’t sitting on a bike, he’s still dealing with bike stuff: He’s working in the bikeshop and metal work company of his parents.

In there, he prefers working with his CNC-machine with which he develops special bike parts. These are used by several downhill pros.

Sergios favorite tour:
A Tour in the area Minschuns. He likes the silcence and the peace up there and the view of the Ortler with his glaciers.


Custom Scott Genius LT with various DaPilten-Tunings
Custom Scott Gambler Gstaad-Team Edition
Specialized Stumpjumper
Kettler Alu-Rad 1988 – and especially proud of that

Janine Clavadetscher //  the office lady

Janine grew up in the lovely Prättigau but she’s been living in the Val Müstair for several years now and she’s absolutely loving it. She prefers riding down with her bike and is always on the hunt to spot a bearded vulture. Every now and then she leaves her bike at home to stand on top of the different peaks of the area.

With «Ride La Val» she’s responsible for all the organizational work, if she’s not working in her normal job – being an accountant for a local garage.

Janines favorite trails:
m dal chapè, uad and all the places where you can spot bearded vultures.


Scott Genius 710 Contessa
Scott Gambler 710


Nicole Tschenett //  the switchback Queen

The moment the snow has gone, Nicole swappes her skis for the bike. The time of easy rides on the chairlift is over by then and she prefers riding up all by her own power.

Nicole loves the variety of the local natural trails. The mixture between Endurance, technique and flow, as well as the high alpine bike’n’hike experience just put a smile on the face of the «Ride La Val»-Guide.

Nicoles favorite hometrails:
Terza, Uad Ars and her favorite is a tour on the Tibet Trail and the Piz Chavalatsch.


Scott Genius 710 Contessa
Specialized Epic


Arno Galmarini //  the king of performance


Born in the lower Engadine valley, Arno once planned on becoming a Snowboard pro. Not making it to the very top, he then decided then to move to Zürich to study sports. Since 2011 he has been coaching professional athletes from different sports in his own company «Elite Training GmbH». But with the mountains beeing his very home, he moved back to the Engadine – also because of biking, his biggest passion.

Arnos favourite tour:
Piz Umbrail, because it has everything: Flow, natural jumps, high speed sections, switchbacks, capricorns, rock gardens, landscape, fitness …

Custom Yeti SB150

Simon Weber //  the king of endurance

Simon loves his new home in Müstair. Originally being a carpenter, he exchanged wood for carbon and wood chips for metal shavings and is now an apprentice as a Bike mechanic and metal worker. His true home however are the mountains – he loves riding his bike and skiing in winter. He enjoys nature and the woods with all its plants and stones. Simon hat an incredible endurance and urge for movement.

Favourite trail:
An evening tour to Terza and generally riding to places where not everybody can get to.

Yeti sb6
Chromag wideangle
Norco aurum1
… but in future a Scott or Specialized

Alexandra Wohlgensinger //  the gravity addict

Alexandra moved from the Engadine over Val Müstair no to Lenzerheide so she can train perfectly for her races of the UCI Downhill WorldCup. To proper focus on her race career, she gave up her job as a producer and editor at a local newspaper. With «Ride La Val» she’s responsible for all the written things – therefore the inofficial name #textqueen.

Alexandras favorite trails:
Definitely the World Cup tracks in Val di Sole, Fort William and Andorra.

Transition TR11
Stanton slacklin