Mountain experience “par excellence”!

Recently we could welcome four ladies and 10 gents from the Bike club Spiez, staying from Thursday til Monday in the valley. This was thanks to the local Sascha Fliri (from Sta. Maria, Bikeclub Spiez) who organised the sty together with us.

Friday and Sunday they had two guided technical tours with Nicole. And thanks to the shuttle service from Romex, they also enjoyed the rest of the days the trails in Val Müstair.

On Friday Tibettrail was scheduled. A highlight followed just before the tour: They could watch a bearded vulture flying just above their heads just before the wanted to start their ride.

The following technical switchbacks were mastered brilliantly, even if the on or the other had to be done “manually” off the bike. Everybody enjoyed the challenge. After that they took the infamous chairlift – on which you are sitting for 20 minutes holding your bike on your lap – up to Furkelhütte for a lovely lunch followed by a descent down to Prad and Glurns. There they stopped for an ice cream an some tourist shopping. Full of newly gained energy they pedalled up to Müstair for a quick pit stop at The Bike Patcher and then back “home” to the youth hostel in Sta. Maria.

Sunday was the “bike and hike day”. From Stelvio over Goldseetrail they descended to Furkelhütte for a quick coffee break. After that they climbed up to Piz Chavalatsch – pushing, carrying and riding their bikes. Therefore they appreciated the Hikeabike-Tipps of Nicole.

On Piz Chavalatsch, the most eastern point of Switzerland, the guys from Spiez enjoyed the most beautiful view over Val Müstair and Southern Tyrol.

After a nice break they tackled a long technical descent with sometimes sheer drops left and right, topped by a steep ride down to  Rifair/Müstair.

Everybody was tired but happy.