Romex Transport


Taking the bus up, you’ve got more time to have fun riding down the trails.

«Romex», the local bike shuttle of the Val Müstair, is our parnter on our tours. He’s driving us everywhere where the trail fun starts.

If you are exploring the valley without Ride La Val, you can book «Romex» for a shuttle up to Umbrail- or Stelviopass. Pre-booking until the day before at 8 pm is essential. The cost per bike and rider are 25 francs in total.

What are the advantages of taking the shuttle?well With the shuttle of Romex you are up on Umbrail or Stelviopass with plenty of time to spare. So you don’t need to rush down Goldseetrail which is only accessable until 9am.

Of course you can always put a request for your individual transport needs – with or without bikes.

Request and infos on:  +41 79 285 45 45  or