First official tour of the season

On the 27th of April we organised our first official tour of the new season – a #shuttleit for local teens. Four girls and five boys joined us and our guide Nicole got some help from support-guide Nadina Grond. Everybody was really nervous and looking forward to the day.
Because of the new shuttle regulations in the Vinschgau we had to tackle Holy Hansen first – a track that was definately the favourite of our teens. Apart from two flats, we didn’t have anything to complain about.


After that we got a lift up by our top-shuttle driver Remo to the start of the Propain-Trail, which was freshly shaped in some parts after being hammered by a storm last autumn.


As a final descend we enjoyed the Aigentrail in St. Martin am Sonnenberg. Everyone was stoked and the kids got better and faster with every meter they had done. Everyone rode everything – also the very techy parts. The final conclution of the day: Riding downhill also makes you tired. 😉