Guess who’s back!

Allegra together! Although the winter refused to leave this year, Ride La Val has woken up from hibernation, done a few squats and pull ups and is ready – bright eyed and bushy tailed – for the  start of the summer season.


To be fair, we weren’t fully asleep this winter. The whole RLV-Team was infected – by the Valmüstair-pow-skitouring-virus. And apart from hanging out in the snowy mountain sides they also worked for you, developping new offers, working on the seasonal planning for the coming summer and reorganising the web page. So now you can purchase vouchers for example directly on our homepage on

Nicole and Simon were on a roadtrip through Switzerland on the 25th and 26th of April. They visited eight bikeshops in the area of Fribourg, Bern and Solothurn where they had many interesting talks with the owners of the shops.


And thats not all. Sergio (better known as Mo) is now officially an engineer, Nicole, our kids-expert, has done more courses on how to help the next generation of mountainbikers, Janine survived her first skitouring season, Simon climbed a thousand and one mountains and Arno moved from Zürich back to Scuol (because obviously it’s a lot nicer there).


Furthermore RLV shreds trails now in a uniform kit from SCOTT, which we customized thanks to Mo’s new hobby – screen printing.