Happy Birthday switzerland!

Our August started patricotic with the Swiss birthday ride on the 1st of August. Despite the forecast not being only idle sunshine the three guests were really looking forward to an extraordinary adventure. The night of the national celebration day we planned to stay at a very rural hut up on Piz Chavalatsch – abandonned since years, without running water or electricity. Our sherpas Janine, Mo, Gildo, Simu and Nicci had carried all the food, water and no more than what was absolutely necessary up to the hut. In a second step Janine and Mo brought the sleeping bags so everything was set up and ready at the guests arrival.


The day started for the guests with a ride down from Stelvio over Tibettrail and a last lunch in civilisation on the Funkelhütte. After that we hiked a bike up to Piz Chavalatsch including a photo shoot at the lake, where one of the participants took a no so planned bath in the slightly refreshing water. Arrived up at our hut we enjoyed at a chill and grill the sun and the beautiful view over the Val Müstair. And after the sunset we watched from above the beacons lit all over the mountains in tratition of the Swiss national celebration day.




On the next morning breakfast was served – specialities from the Val Müstair and Coffee Bialetti – so we were all fit to carry our bikes up to the Piz. At the top we put down our bikes and enjoyed first still with a little drizzle but shortly after with the first sunrays a beautiful view in a very special morning light along the crest.

After that we rode down to Müstair where we didn’t stay long but took the shuttle up to Ofenpass. After a tour over Valbella – escaping the rain and hail we rode over Tras la Val down to the hotel Stelvio where everyone was looking forward to a hot shower.
Very tired from the day before and the night on the hut, but very stoked about two super adventurous days our guest said good bye to the Val Müstair.
For Ride La Val the weekend wasn’t over yet though. Sherpa Mo had to climb up to the hut a couple of times to get everything cleaned up and take all the things back down into the valley. A week later, he was done.