Nobody is to young to be a shredder

Twenty kids – between first and ninth grade – signed up for the kids course. The skills were super divers, from super fit uphiller, very talented DH kids, beginners of trail riding up to a kid who has never ridden a bike before. The kids got devided into three groups according to their level of skills, so everyone could get the most out of the five afternoons. Our guides Nicole, Sergio, Beni and Janine were very challenged.

The first two afternoons they all met at the Bike Patcher. In there group they then worked on jumping, Bunnyhops, on their riding technique, cornering, steering, breaking and at the end they all done a little ride in their group. The oldest ones rode the switchbacks trail Ruinatscha together with Sergio, Nici rode with her four girls the cow-poo trail and Janine had a good time with the little ones in Plazöl. Apart from the odd plaster needed, everything went well.

On the third afternoon they all met at Bos-chetta to train wheelies, balance and sprints with shifting. Ah yeah, the biggest highlight for the little ones was getting as dirty as possible whilst riding through puddles. The oldest ones instead focused on jumping and styling it up and just didn’t want to stop.

After being canceled because of cold and rainy weather, the forth afternoon then took pülace a week later. Along with the most beautiful weather they all got shuttled up to Minschuns. Sergio rode with the little ones from Tschierv to Müstair – they were sooo proud that apart from Lü they „have ridden through the whole valley…“

Beni and Nici rode with all the other kids from Minschuns down to Müstair on loads of trails. They bravely rode everything – also the very tricky passages until Valchava where they all were a bit tired of trails.

The final afternoon then took place at the school yard of Sta. Maria with three different stages: „Bike-Poli with unihockey sticks“ and referee Simu, tipps and tricks how to fix a puncture with Sergio and trailfun with Nicole. And as a grande finale they all went for an ice cream.

What a cool bunch of interesting kids with a lot of enthusiasm for MTB. Apart from a few minor crashes, few grazes and scratches they all had super fun and made huge progress.