Ride La Val at the Ride congress in Davos

Thursday and Friday the 13th and 14th of September the Ride Magazine invited for the yearly Ride congress. After a few years in Chur, the meeting took again place in Davos. Also Ride La Val was there, represented by currently out of order guide Alexandra.
Apart from the social activities and a lot of networking the main part were the various interesting talks. Very interesting was the question if mountain biking is the saviour of the mountain railways, which are struggling more and more and if mountain biking is the skiing of the future. (The short answer is no – a longer explanation is written in the local newspaper Engadiner Post of the 15th of September.)
Further also the e-Bike was a big topic. According to the experts, e-bikes are a big wave that will keep rolling for a long time. Interesting point of that: E-Biker don’t care about performance that much but more about enjoyment.