Ride La Val wanted!

How do our guests find us?

In earlier days marketing was an easy business. Just put an add up in the local newspaper and there you go, the customers came flooding in. But nowadays it’s a bit different. As well as advertisement in print, a good representation online and and being active on social media is essential.
The Val Müstair lies at the very corner of Switzerland, so Ride La Val can’t hope to get customers by just being there. So, how exactly do guests find us?
One couple for example, saw one of our booklets, which you can find in various bike shops in the flatlands. Another group of e-bikers, which recently came with us on a #batterypower ride found us on GRAUBÜNDEN in the internet.
Other guests knew Nicole as a ski instructor in the winter. Being loyal followers, the read her posts on Instagram and got to know Ride La Val from there.
Another guest was reading an article about Allegra Tourism building in Sölden. He contacted Darco Cazin, who then gave us his contact details.
These are only a few examples how a young, small bike school in the very corner of Switzerland gets more and more attention. 😉