Technical Training

No matter if you are a complete beginner or a world cup racer

we can always improve as riders. In our #clinics you work together with our qualifyed coaches on a specific riding technique and bring your bike skills to a whole new level.

You know your mountain bike but until now you've only explored wide fire roads or flat trails in the valley floor on it? Now you wanna get into riding alpine singletrails? We'd love to help you with that!

You're not a complete newbie anymore, but when the trail gets technical, you get off your bike. After our #alpinetrailclinic2, you'll be done with that and roots and rock won't intimidate you anymore.

Anyone can ride in a straight line. But how is it possible to go fast and efficiently around a corner? We work intensely on your cornering technique.

You just switched to an e-bike and wanna learn how to ride safely on it? We'd gladly help you.

You and your e-bike are already friends but now you wanna take this relationship to a new level? Let us then work on your technique with your e-bike.

You're fed up with having to get off your bike, just because you don't make it around the corner? With us you'll manage to get those turns.

So many courses with Ride La Val and still you haven't found the perfect one for you?