Testing the limits of the e-bike and it’s rider

“I don’t ride any singletrails and if it gets too dangerous for me I just leave…“. These were the first words of one of the participant of the advanced course for e-bikes. Just to let you know: Already on the first of the three courses she rode technical singltrails up and down the hill and at the end of the first day she was as happy a kid in a sweet shop!

On the first day working on the bike handling and skills was the main focus. What is my e-bike capable of? How is riding an e-bike different from a normal bike? What do I have to pay attention to when I ride corners, up or down the hill? In a safe training area they could work with different excercises on these points.

On the second day they then were about to transfer the skills from the day before onto the trails. We went onto a little loop above Sta. Mria and Müstair and also the woman mentioned at the beginning, mastered the singletrails which sometimes had quite a bit of a drop next to them without any problems!

Apart from the trained skills, the riders now faced new challenges, which we analyzed, talked about and then mastered: Narrow bridges without railings, extremely steep uphills, off camber and as a final challenge two very challenging switchbacks.

It was all the same with all these tricky challenges: Everyone can try it as many times he or she wants, but if they’re not feeling it, they don’t have to do it and maybe come back later and try it by themselves. Also this day ended with plenty of moments of success, happy faces and a relaxing cup of coffee at the end.

Due to organizational issues the third day got postponed to the end of the summer. Ride The Val-Guide Alexandra is already looking forward to see the group again and see the progress the guys made on their e-bikes through summer.


E-Bike Skills coaching – Slowrace