#tiefenmetersammler | 3 Days

#tiefenmetersammler| 3 Days

With #tiefenmetersammler you get three days of fun trailriding with thousands of meters riding down the mountains:

Day tour 1: We take the shuttle which takes us up to the Umbrailpass from where we hike our bike up to the peak of Piz Umbrail hoch schieben. On the way down we pass #laidarims – the most beautiful mountain lake ever before we drop into #homdalchape – the trail that takes us back to Val Müstair. There the shuttle picks us up again and takes us up to Ofenpass. Through the ski area Minschuns we ride on #traslaval back to Müstair.
In total: 2600 meters down.

Day tour 2: We take the shuttle which takes us up to the Stelviopass, from where we take the Tibettrail and after that the chairlift up to Furkelhütte. After that we hike our bikes up to the peak of Piz Chavalatsch, from where we ride back down to Val Müstair.
This tour was also the favorite of bike-legend Danny MacAskill when he was visiting our valley.
In total: 2680 meters down

Day tour 3: Day tour on the home trails in the valley, depending on your skills and preferences.

The three day deal is available for two people or more on every day of the week.