Tras La Val

Starting at Ofenpasshöhe down to the abbey in Müstair – Tras la Val is the tour for people loving singletrails and nature. There is no better way to explore the Val Müstair. The tour takes you 21 km and 1400 meters down through the whole valley. It starts at Ofenpasshöhe Süsom Givè, which you and your bike can get to with a shuttle. To get up to Alp da Munt, in the middle of the ski area Minschuns, you need a bit of muscle power. After that you can look forward to one of the most flowy singletracks of the area, winding itself through meadows and past Swiss pine forest.

From Alp Champatsch you ride through the woods down to Lü, where you can fuel up in the restaurant. From there on you ride mainly on singletrails all the way down to Müstair. As a cherry on the pie there are a few tricky switchbacks waiting on the last bit down to the abbey Müstair. You can always finish the tour in one of the other villages in the valley.

Local riders built several parts of this tour in volontary work to make a flowy trail experience happen.

By the way. The tour ends at the house in Müstair, where Danny MacAskill does his famous front flip in the film «Home of Trails».

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Bochetta di Forcola

Bochetta di Forcola is a brilliant mountainbike tour a loads of trails with a beautiful alpine back drop. It’s in the middle of the Route 32 Trans-Altarezia Bike.
Thanks to the possibilities of shuttles you don’t need to climb the 1000 meters up to the top of Umbrailpass but can enjoy the long descents on singletrails. From Umbrailpass you get on a nicely ridable singletrail to Bocchetta di Forcola where you can visit some old military buildings from the first world war. After a short descent the climb up to Bocchetta di Pedenolo is well worth it to then take the flowy singletrail down to Lago di Cancano. Past the lakes Lago di Cancano and Lago di San Giacomo di Fraéle you ride on a fire road inmidst the alpine landscape to the Passo di Fraéle and over Passo Val Mora back to Switzerland. Until Palüetta you take a nice singletrail and on the fire road you explore the famous Val Mora. The beauty of this special valley makes the long but not steep up to Döss Radond well worth it. From there you take some interesting and secret trails down to Sta. Maria.

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«Valbella» – which means as much as beautiful valley – is an impressiv tour close to the Swiss National Park, always with the Ortler mountains in view.

There is a bit of muscle power required to get up to Valbella but it’s well worth it. In the middle of a rough high alpine landscape you can see the the mountains of the Swiss National park on one side and the impressive glacier mountains Ortler and Königsspitze on the other side. And with a bit of luck you could meet a chamois or a beardy vulture on your way. The tour starts at Ofenpasshöhe Süsom Givè, where you and your bike can get to with a shuttle. From there you ride a short trail down to Plaun dals Bovs followed by a 350 meters hearty up on a fire road on which you cross the whole ski area of Minschuns. The highest point is the plateau of Valbella, on 2500 m. From there you take a long singletrail back to Ofenpasshöhe. The trail is passing colorful flower meadows and goes along steep banks. It is generally very flowy but there are some technical parts and some of them you wanna be ok with hights.

Still got some left in the tank? You can add a tour through „Tras la Val“ or Val Mora.

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Passo Gallo

Passo Gallo is an extention of the classic tour through Val Mora, for everybody who wants a bit more singletrails or just wants to go a bit further.
The tour starts at Ofenpasshöhe Süsom Givè, which you and your bike can get to with a shuttle. Just at the start you’ll find your first highligt: A flowy singletrail takes you down to Buffalora, from where you’ll climb up to Jufplaun. Instead of riding directly down to Val Mora, you take the turn to Passo Gallo on the Italian border. The following trail with a view onto Lago di Livigno is one of the best trails in the Alps. It’s very flowy, only at the very end you have to push your bike for a little bit. After that you’ll reach the lake area of Lago di Cancano, where you got the possibilities to fuel up in one of the restaurants.

Over Passo Val Mora you and your bike reach the Val Mora gorge which gets wider and wider and is ridable the whole way through. The more you ride toward Döss Radond the more the valley of Val Mora opens. The unique landscape reminds of Canada – no wonder, you are in a “UNESCO Biospheric reserve”.

From Döss Radond you can either ride down to Sta. Maria on the fire road or you take the singletrails, which got built by the local riders. A secret trail is «Hom dal Chapé». On a corner a wood chopper – a massive wooden sculpture which you can’t miss – is guarding the entrance in one of the most interesting singletrails of the area. It is fairly technical but still really flowy so the tour definately ends on a high.

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