Visiting friends – or a weekend for the spontanious ones

A very diverse group of Susi und Oli of the Bikeschool „Ride Progression“ from Zürich, their friends and two winners of the online competition on Instagram and Facebook met for a weekend of trailfun in the valley.

It was an early start on Saturday morning – at 8:30 they met, all very excited what is comming up. The following hike up to the peak of Piz Umbrail was according to Oli & Susi the most „extreme“ bike hike they’ve ever done. The heart rate was quite high with all as they were climbing and carrying their bikes up through some steep, tricky and rocky passages. Everything was forgottoen once they stood on the peak and after the ride down to the magic Lej da Rims they had so many „stuning moments“ they just didn’t wanna leave the mountain lake anymore. But there were many more cool trails to come through the woods down to the valley. After that they took the shuttle from Valchava to Süsom Give to ride #traslaval, after which they ended their „Wowtime“ in form of „beertime“ in the hotel Liun.

Sunday morning they started veeeery early at 7:00 with a shuttle up to Stelvio. Before that Mr. Do-it-all Sergio had to fix Olis, Silvias and another bike. „The early bird catches the worm“ and after a coffee at Pirovano they started to shred down the Goldseetrails. Uncountable fotos had to be taken and every now and then the one or the other had a bit a fear of hight – the standard problems of people from the flatlands… ;-). After two minor OTB, food on the StilfserAlm they all reached Prad.

They were all super happy and stoked on the adventure and a little jealous on our trail paradise. They’ll be back.