Yes, these girls can!

Due to not that many sign ups we changed the girlsonly-week to a girlsonly-weekend – «short but sweet». Quality comes before quantity so we were happy to welcome three really cool women with us. On Thursday we started with an easy warm up lap with Nicole over Gallo and Val Mora where we escaped skillfully from the rain. In the evening we had a really tasty dinner in the hotel Al Rom together wir Nicci and Janine. On Friday everyone had to gear up and put on some warm cloths for the planned Valbella tour – it was icy cold. After that we rode back home over Tras la Val where we managed to deal with flats and other mechanicals – girls can!

The group got greeted very friendly by all the hikers and even earned some cheers. So many fast ladies in one group – that attracts attention! In the evening Nicci invited to a 3-course veggie bbq menue and because not every woman fancies champagne, it was followed by a beer swapping challenge. Everyone brought two or three beers from her local brewery to be swapped withing the group. Hey, every bike trip needs some cultural education!




Also on Saturday the ladies had to fight the forces of nature. Conquering rain and snow they hiked their bikes up to Piz Umbrail. Despite the many cloths it was really freaking cold and the girls showed som badass team spirit: Gloves were swapped and they helped each other where help was needed. Insead of on the peak they got their dearly earned nut cake and the coffee down in the Val Vau, where the temperatures were a bit friendlier. Because of the horrendous conditions they didn’t meet a single person on the whole tour.
The girls then got a bit more warmed up in the afternoon at the swichbacks-course – or shall we better say switchbacks-curse? 😉




In the evening followed the Higlight: Making Capuns. José taught the ladies how to properly cook the regional speciality and «Mamma Lü» also know as «Nonna Erica» was telling them Lü-Capuns tales, stories about politics or others from the valley. They were wrapping those little dumplings as hard as they could – with some intersting techiques – very similar to the swichbacks-course in the afternoon. 🙂



Sunday was desending day. Our super shuttle Romex took us up to Stelvio. Janine was also tagging along as photographer and assistence guide. Furthermore the group was joined by Valentina. Finally the weather was a little friendlier and there was a lot of traffic on the trails. After a lot of desending from Stelvio down to Prad the ice cream was mandatory. The day was so much fun – from girls for girls and the conclusion: The team was technically on a top level and it’s so much fun to share the stoke with other girls without having to prove yourself.