Motivated guys from «Velobude»

We’re always happy to welcome guests from the bike scene. This time our guests were Steffi Thalmann and her crew from the Velobude.

On Friday afternoon it all started with a little warm up round on Tras la Val. Very quickly we realized: These guys want to collect a lot of desending time!
Saturday was «adventure day» – We were the frist group of the season, which tackled the Goldseetrail from Stelvio to Prad. Obviously we had to cross a few snowy fields and every now and then a handelbar had to me miused as a ice axe. 3500 meter decending were done in that day – which wasn’t enough for the fast ones in the group. They added a ride down the Terza trails to that. Thanks Romex for the extra shuttle.


Sunday then was again a bit more chilled with a «Panorama-Gallotour» which ended over the Val Mora where everyone enjoyed the beautiful landscape – feeling a little bit like being in Canada.