Nobody is too old to be a bike rider

This was the theme for our guest Werner Kohler with his six mates. The «oldies group», everyone of them being a proud 60 +, stayed at the Wellness-Hotel Liun and enjoyed a two days guiding with Ride La Val. And if you now think of a group of elderlies, bimbling down some fire roads, well then you’re wrong. On the first day they takled together with guid Nicole the Goldsee-Bimbam-trail-combo and then rode all the way down to Prad. It was just a super cool vibe in the group. And they cherished every single moment: Stopping for a drink on the mountain huts is a must!! and of every flower next to the trails had to be a photo taken.



Because of a road closure at 07.30, Sunday started together with Arno very very early to the Piz Umbrail tour. This experience has been on the To-do-list of a couple of the gentlemen. And obviously the peak picture was essential. After a great desent the day ended with a chilled tour through the valley.

The conclusion of our legendery 60+: We’ll be back to Val Müstair very soon.