Youngsters first

For once we didn’t call out for the school kids in our Ride La Val kids bike course but for the very little ones. For for days we’ve been offering morning bike fun for the kiddies of the playgroup (they are even too young for kindergarden) and in the afternoon for «the older ones» from the kindergarden.


Nicole organised and was leading the courses together with the help of Valentina. Ever child had his or her own «skills card» and could collect up to 10 skills sticker. On the spot there was a parcour and the kiddies learnt in a fun way how to ride bikes. They even extended the parcour with their own trails and streets, painted with street colour. The 3 and 4 year olds mostly came with walking bikes – some of them even with little bikes with pedals. The course was an interesting experience for everyone and the children were looking forward to ride their bikes every day.



In july we dedicated three days to the youngsters. At the summer holidays biking we were happy to welcome four really cool boys. They joined us for half a day at the kids course for locals. It was so much fun on the trails. The little shredders improved their positioning on the bike and trained their jumping skills.